Apex Legends Mobile MOD APK v1.1.839.46 (Unlimited Money)



Apex Legends Mobile Mod Apk is a battle royale mobile game that pits teams of four players against one another in a free-for-all combat. You’ll need quick reflexes, smart decisions, and the ability to adapt in order to win the game.


Apex Legends has been downloaded over 20 million times. It is played by millions of players worldwide. The game has brought a lot of attention to the mobile gaming industry and has become a very popular topic in the media.

With Apex Legends Mobile for Android, you can enjoy all the features of the game without having to download any kind of app. store. This APK includes all the essential features of the game such as character customization, solo mode, capture the flag and more. You can control your character from this MOD. Get ready to explore a whole new world of fun with Apex Legends Mobile! About Apex Legends Mobile: Apex Legends Mobile is a free-to-play mobile game based on the ultimate battle royale game developed by ELECTRONIC ARTS. This game offers you to play with up to 16 heroes and get in the battle for the best position in this particular mobile game.


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Apex Legends Mobile Mod Apk


Previously, it was offered just for PC and video gaming consoles, however the designers chose to bring it to mobile phones after seeing its appeal. You will get the exact same premium graphics as you saw in the PC variation. Each character has distinct capabilities and characters, which you need to master to highlight the very best in them.


There is a huge toolbox of weapons that you can utilize to protect yourself versus other gamers. Then you can check out homes and other gamers to equip yourself with a great deal of weapons, armors, guards, and more to be able to combat. You need to master the abilities of each character so you can assist each other in multiplayer fights.


There are plenty of weapons like Sniper, LMG, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and so on. In the arena gameplay, you have to make tactical and important options to endure rapidly.


Multiplayer Shooting Experience


There are lots of weapons like SMG, Attack Rifle, and LMG, which can be utilized in arena matches to win. Please pick your preferred characters and master their capabilities and characters to win.


Apex Legends Mobile is a fight royale video game where you have to produce your team and play tactically to win. There is a large variety of weapons and outstanding devices that you can utilize to equip yourself.


Apex Legends Characters


Create Your Team


Apex Legends has competitive PvP fights where you have to develop your team of 3 gamers. You can produce amazing gamer mixes with progressing strategies.


Join forces with together gamers to integrate your abilities and win huge.


Remarkable Battle Royale Competition


The last guy¬†standing on the ground will win it and¬†gain the benefits. Lots of brand-new characters and legends are contributed to it regularly to evaluate gamers’ capabilities.


Apex Legends offers you with an extremely busy and great fight royale gameplay. Its fight royale gameplay is filled with action and experience as you need to roam on a huge map to discover important products and eliminate opponents. It has really smooth shooting and weapon motion gameplay where you can alter and refill your weapon to fire on opponents.


There are numerous maps, modes, and occasions that you need to check out to win benefits.


Easy to Play


You get the very best Apex Legends gameplay possible on android gadgets, where the user interface and controls are offered for you to master and enhance your gameplay. It has mobile-only material modes, so you fill face gamers who use mobile, however you will get all the graphics and characters like on PC and consoles.


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Apex Legends Mobile: All Available Characters


Apex Legends Mobile Characters


List of Characters in Apex Legends Mobile Right Now (Season 2)




List of Upcoming Apex Legends Mobile Characters (Tested in Beta)




Apex Legends Mobile Tier List: Characters Ranked


S Tier: Gibraltar, Bloodhound, Fade
A Tier: Wraith, Lifeline, Pathfinder, Loba
B Tier: Bangalore, Caustic, Octane
C Tier: Mirage
D Tier: ‚Äď
E Tier: ‚Äď


Key Features


Learn how to use your legend‚Äôs talents and make smart decisions as the turmoil unfolds. Combat includes new and unique elements such as Jumpmaster Deployments, which let players to construct spectacular flights‚ÄĒand fights‚ÄĒon the battlefield.


  • You can choose your favorite legends and customize the interface to make the character stand out more
  • Immerse yourself in dramatic survival battles and face various formidable opponents.
  • Experience the ultimate power of modern and futuristic weapons.
  • Realistic visual effects from character gestures to eye-catching and beautiful action sequences.
  • Show your fighting skills and join your teammates to become a powerful force sweeping across the map.


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